Welcome to Food Ninja!

Although ninjas are ordinarily a secretive bunch we want to share our nutritional knowledge & awesomeness with you! We will give you all the tools, knowledge, support & encouragement you need to become a Food Ninja. Our mission is to travel the world creating an army of Food Ninja’s to spread our mantra.......

What We Do

Do you need some help with your nutrition? Wherever you are right now, we can help! Just click on the Ninja that best represents you & we will do the rest.

Confused Ninja

Confused by all the conflicting information about healthy eating in the media? Just want some straight-talking Ninja advice? Don’t want to commit to a programme just yet? Then this service is for you!

Out of Shape Ninja

Feeling low on energy? Sick of trying diet after diet but never getting anywhere? Want to break the diet cycle & learn how to eat well FOR LIFE? Don’t despair Ninja, we can help!

Athlete Ninja

Want to know how to get super lean or add some muscle mass? Got a marathon, boxing match, or CrossFit comp coming up?  Or just want to be a badass Ninja in your chosen sport – we can help you do it!

Ninja Successes

 “With her help I have achieved things that I have failed to do on my own for years & years.


CrossFitter, Ibiza

“I feel stronger and more energetic than ever. I recommend her to everyone!”


CrossFitter, Ibiza

I’ve lost 3 stone and 21 inches & I’m still going!  I’m healthier and stronger than I have ever in my entire adult life.


CrossFitter, Lincoln, UK

be a Ninja

If you think you have what it takes to be a Ninja get in touch & let’s start you on the path to YOUR nutritional destiny! EatNinja. TrainNinja. BeNinja.

You can be Ninja too!

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