“She has helped me stabilize my weight at a level it hasn’t been at for years.”  “Sebas lost 13kgs of fat, and added 1.2kgs of muscle, going from 27.1% body fat, to 11.6% in just 9 months!” “My relationship with cooking was renewed and I was shocked to notice that I was saving money!”
 Juan, CrossFitter, Ibiza Sebas, CrossFitter, Ibiza Sophie, Yoga Teacher, Ibiza


 “Loved the recipes so much, no “magic pill” just good clean eating and hard work.”  “I’m healthier & stronger than I’ve ever been in my adult life. It’s now a way of life and not a diet.  Be ninja” “I feel sharper on the football pitch, more agile. I’m running rings round the 18 year olds…Not bad for a 32 year old”
George, CrossFitter, Nottingham UK   Emma, CrossFitter, Lincoln, UK  

Tom, Football player, London, UK



 “With her help I have achieved things that I have failed to do on my own for years & years.  “I never thought I would choose carrots over crisps (except for cheat day of course) in my life but thanks to Food Ninja, I haven’t looked back!!!”  “I’ve had amazing results with Hayley and really enjoyed following her fantastic recipes. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get in perfect shape”
Yausi, CrossFitter, Ibiza   Laura, CrossFitter, Nottingham, UK Nicola, CrossFitter, Ibiza