Everyone in the health/fitness industry these days seems to be a self-proclaimed Ninja – there are ninja trainers, ninja chefs, ninja bootcamps springing up everywhere – but why?

Is putting Ninja in your name just a lazy way of saying ‘I’m the best at what I do, I’m an awesome badass ninja?’ Because it looks cool on their advertising?

Let me tell you about why I called my company Food Ninja, and what it means to me.

You can’t just proclaim yourself a Ninja overnight….it takes practice & experience, bravery & dedication, diligence & ingenuity – all things you will need to apply to your nutrition to be successful and achieve your goals.

Ninja’s dedicate their life to a single cause, in my case sharing my passion for tasty nutritious food and awesome nutritional knowledge.

Ninja’s are hungry for knowledge about their cause and I make it my personal mission to keep learning and training so I can be the best for my clients.

Ninja’s practice, every day, over and over until they perfect something – this could be a recipe, food prep, or a habit that’s hard to break, but it will be broken……because Ninja’s are also the masters of their own (nutritional) destinies – that includes taking responsibility for where you are, and any bad decisions that got you there.

These are all things that I have learned over the past 4 years, overcoming many obstacles along the way, and these are all qualities I expect of my Ninja’s when they join the our Food Ninja community

*LOYALTY to their meal plans and habits

*BRAVERY in pushing their culinary limits

*RUTHLESSNESS in the face of cream cakes

*being PREPARED with the right food in any situation

*ZEN LIKE CALM when they stray from the path!

Although I would love to take credit for such an awesome name company name, I can’t!

I have a big thank you to extend to an amazing Ninja I know called Rupert, who in a Facebook exchange back when I was just doing this as a hobby (the conversation was about the sugar content of dates I think), commented that I was ‘quite the Food Ninja’ – which made me think about the qualities of a Ninja & whether that really fit with what I was trying to do – they did – & so the name Food Ninja was born – thanks Rups! x

If you think you have what it takes to be a Ninja get in touch & let’s start you on the path to YOUR nutritional destiny!

EatNinja. TrainNinja. BeNinja.

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