Are you serious about your sport? Ready to take things to the next level & smash those PR’s? Training for a marathon? Dreaming of the CrossFit Games?

Are you already pretty lean but need some help to lose that last couple of percent of body fat?

Or maybe you want to add some muscle mass safely, without adding unwanted fat too?

We can use our finely honed Ninja skills to help you achieve any goal through improved nutrition. All we ask Ninja, is that you show commitment, dedication, and laser like focus to your plan.

This is about as individualised as it gets! COMPLETELY bespoke meal plans considering every aspect of your lifestyle to help you achieve your goals – this is NOT a generic 1500/2000cal plan that is given to everyone.

Each one is written from scratch, with recipes developed for YOUR macronutrient needs. You are a unique Ninja and our plans reflect this!

What’s included?

The plan contains everything you need to become an awesome Food Ninja

  • A 7-day meal plan
  • A personal recipe book with full instructions and photos
  • A weekly shopping list
  • A weekly preparation list – learn how to prep like a Ninja with day by day instructions
  • 4 weeks of Ninja Nurturing to get you off to a great start. Ninja Nurturing is our weekly coaching package, including 1-2-1 Skype calls with the Food Ninja.

This is for you if:

  • You already have an idea of what good nutrition looks like
  • You are super organised & have had success achieving nutrition goals before
  • You are happy to eat the same meals each week – (they are super delicious, so you won’t get bored, we promise. If you don’t believe us check out some examples here)!
  • You want to eat to a specific macronutrient profile

This is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t like doing food prep/cooking in bulk
  • You aren’t prepared to give up 2-3 hours of your time at the weekend to cook
  • You don’t own a mountain of Tupperware

If you’re ready to take your nutrition to the next level & fulfill your nutritional destiny, get in touch now.