Do you want to give dieting a Ninja kick into touch for good? Are you sick of trying every new fad diet with limited success, only to put weight back on worse than before? Are you low on energy, short on time?

Does your busy lifestyle means you don’t have a lot of time to concentrate on taking care of yourself?

Or maybe, like our very own Food Ninja, you travel the world on secret missions, from timezone to timezone, struggling to develop any sustainable habits with your constant globetrotting?

We want to share our Ninja secret with you – the solution to all these problems – a system that has helped over 45000 other Ninja’s fulfill their potential.

Created by the most successful online nutrition coaching company in the world, Precision Nutrition (where Food Ninja carried out her training) this programme ensures that you develop all the Ninja skills you need to eat well FOR LIFE. You’ll never need to diet again!

Combined with Food Ninja’s tasty recipes, nutrition tips and food prep advice, this programme will help you revamp your eating habits and become a Ninja for life.

What’s included?

  • A daily, easy to apply, practical lesson about nutrition and mindset
  • A new habit every 2 weeks, to practice every day, to really ingrain your new nutrition practices
  • Regular feedback and daily access to the Food Ninja to ask questions and get the support you need
  • A free recipe book & quickstart guide as soon as you join our community
  • Immediate access to our exclusive Ninja’s only Facebook group, where you can meet other Ninja’s on the same path as you, share tips, celebrate successes & support each other when the going gets tough

This is for you if:

  • You’re a busy person who wants a structured way to tackle your nutrition, and personal accountability to an expert Ninja.
  • You can show true Ninja commitment to this 12 month, life changing programme
  • You want to be free of obsessive calorie-counting and other dangerous dieting practices while still enjoying tasty food
  • You want to keep things simple

This is not for you if:

  • You can’t spare 15-20 minutes in your day to improve your health (you might also want to revaluate your life in general if this is you!)
  • You have a specific sporting or body composition goal, such as a bodybuilding competitor

Because I want to ensure that I give every Ninja the best possible experience I can only offer a limited amount of places on each programme, and I only run 4 programmes per year so please get in touch now to join the presale list